VOLUME 2 - 1996

  Volume 2 Number 1 WINTER 1996
India - Coming into Their Own: contemporary sculpture in India - Isana Murti
United States - Fernando Botero in Beverly Hills - Collette Chattopadhyay
Singapore -The Twisted Hat: Frank Stella in Singapore - Jeffrey Hantover
Australia - Aboriginal Sculpture - Susan McCulloch
Korea - The Soul of Rock: Kang Jinmo - Ian Findlay
Hong Kong/Italy - A Feeling for Stone: Cynthia Sah - John Millichap
The United States/Hong Kong - Running Free: David Huenergardt's recent commission in Hong Kong - Collette Chattopadhyay
Australia - Transformations: Tim Jones - Roger Taylor
Taiwan - Seeking Truths: Jun T. Lai - Sophie McIntyre
India - Breaking With Traditions: Sculpture Õ95 demonstrates the vitality of contemporary Indian sculpture - Suneet Chopra
Taiwan/Hong Kong - Sculpture at the Art Fairs - Ian Findlay
Reviews - Hong Kong, India, Taiwan, the United States
  Volume 2 Number 2 SPRING 1996
United States - Introspection and the Finite: Patti Warashima - Glen Brown
Thailand - Chiang Mai Changes: Thailand's celebrated installation festival - David Johnson
Taiwan - Into the Stone Hills: Taiwan's first international stone sculpting symposium - Sophie McIntyre
Hong Kong - Para/Site: installation finds a home in Hong Kong - John Millichap
Korea - Wrapping Everyday Life: Kim Soo-Ja - Robert J. Fouser
United States - Visionary of Disintegration: Georg Baselitz - Collette Chattopadhyay
United Kingdom - Distant Voices: Ana Maria Pacheco - John Millichap
Taiwan - The Phoenix Rising: YuYu Yang - Iain Robertson
Reviews - Hong Kong, the United States
  Volume 2 Number 3 SUMMER 1996
Singapore - The Art Fair Connection - Ian Findlay
China - Carving Out a Cultural Exchange: Tianjin's International Sculpture Symposium - Karen Smith
United Kingdom - Sculpting in Circles: Michael Kenny - Peter Davies
United States - Counting on Art: Alan Rath - Reena Jana
Singapore - Starting Over: Delia Prvacki - Ben Monroe
Hong Kong - Object Lessons: Ho Siu Kee - John Millichap
Taiwan - A Singular Question: Mei Dean-E - Maggie Pai
The United States/The Philippines - The Philippine Diaspora in Contemporary Art - Collette Chattopadhyay
Reviews - Australia, China, Hong Kong, the United States
A Long Road Ahead - Laura Fan / Weaving a Dream - Laura Fan / The Curator's Dilemma - Laura Fan / In Search of Direction - Ian Findlay / Sculpture in the Blood - Ian Findlay
  Volume 2 Number 4 AUTUMN 1996
China - Notes on China's Video Installation Art - Karen Smith
United Kingdom - Fall and Rise: The Royal Society of British Sculptors - John Millichap
Spain - Passion in Volume: Rosa Serra - Ian Findlay
Australia - On Shifting Ground: installation art in Canberra - Ahmad Mashadi
Taiwan - A Glimpse Of Sculpture: sculpture at the Taipei Biennial - Maggie Pai
United Kingdom - Cutting Through Time: David Nash - John Millichap
United States - In The Spirit Of The Times: Asian sculptors in the United States - Johnathan Goodman
Japan/The United States - Poetry In Stone: Seiji Kunishima - Collette Chattopadhyay
Australia - Raising Sculpture's Profile: sculpture at the Fifth Australian Contemporary Art Fair - Roger Taylor and Susan McCulloch
Reviews - Australia, China, England, Germany, India, the Philippines, Thailand, the United States

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