VOLUME 4 - 1998

  Volume 4 Number 1 WINTER 1998
China - A First Step - John Millichap
The United States - The Supple Heavy Metal Man: Peter Davies - Peter Davies
Britain - Generating Art Debate - Robert Preece and Moore Flannery
France - The Eloquent Body: Marie-Madeleine Gautier - Ian Findlay
The United States - The Tragic Rhapsody of Triumph: Manuel Neri - Collette Chattopadhyay
Britain - Intelligent Objects At Material's End: Tony Cragg - Ian Howard
Venezuela - Of Nature And The Universe: Pedro Barreto - Carlos Silva
The United States - Dream In Consciousness Into Dream: Bill Viola - Collette Chattopadhyay
Taiwan/France - Shadow Boxing at the Place Vendome: Ju Ming - Michel Nuridsany
Reviews - Canada, China, England, Hong Kong, Thailand, the United States
  Volume 4 Number 2 SPRING 1998
The United States - A Riddle Wrapped Inside a Mystery: Tim Hawkinson - M. A. Greenstein
The United States - Looking Glass: Dante Marioni - Paula Gustafson
Israel - A National Voice: Yeheil Shemi - Sara Hakkert
Vietnam - Dreaming in Three-Dimensions: Le Cong Thanh - Ian Findlay
Ghana - Ancestral Voices: El Anatsui - Gerard Houghton
The Philippines - In Art and Faith: Julie Lluch - Alice G. Guillermo
Hong Kong - Cities of Meaning and Pleasure - Pamela Kember
Reviews - Canada, Thailand, the United Kingdom, the United States
  Volume 4 Number 3 SUMMER 1998
Taiwan/United States - Between Two Cultures: Chen Longbin - Patricia Karetzky
Scotland - From The Ancient Land: Steve Dilworth - Robert Preece
England - The Morris Control Room: Susan Morris - Robert Preece
The United States - The Meeting Of Disciplines: Lynn Aldrich & Margaret Honda - M. A. Greenstein
The United States/France - Taming Formidable Beasts: Niki de Saint Phalle - Collette Chattopadhyay
Reviews - Canada, England, Holland, Singapore, Thailand, the United States
  Volume 4 Number 4 AUTUMN 1998
Japan/England - Spotlight On The Young - Robert Preece
Singapore - In Search Of New Messages: Vincent Leow - Rachel Farnay
Japan/England - Demystifying The Remains Of Our Time: Tomoko Takahashi - Robert Preece
England - The Diversity Of The Everyday: Clive Barker - Peter Davies
The United States - When The Power's Cut, Nature Remains - Collette Chattopadhyay
Australia - Searching Spirit: Andrew Rogers - Roger Taylor
New Zealand - High Fashion Sculpture - Mark Kirby
The Philippines - Landscape Into Sculpture: Roberto Robles - Alice G. Guillermo
Reviews - Australia, Canada, England, Holland, the United States

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