VOLUME 6 - 2000

  Volume 6 Number 1 WINTER 2000
The Philippines - Merging Nature and Culture: Rey Paz Contreras - Alice G. Guillermo
The United States: San Francisco Feature - Forever on the Move: San Francisco and the Bay Area shows - Amy Berk / Food Glorious Sculpture: Gay Outlaw - Susan Marquez / In Search of Self: Dierdre DeFranceaux - Alicia Miller / An Uncertain Future: Alan Rath - Berin Golonu / Voyage Beware: Ken Goldberg - Alicia Miller / Repetitive Acts: Samuel Yate - David Hunt
Australia - Strength and Fragility: John Davis - Ken Scarlett
Austria - The Coin of the Realm: Wu Shaoxiang - Ian Findlay
Singapore - Sculpture for All: Sculpture Square - Sian E. Jay
Reviews - Australia, Hong Kong, Singapore, and the United States
  Volume 6 Number 2 SPRING 2000
Australia: SYDNEY FEATURE - / A Wealth Of Talent / Down To The Sea: Sculpture by the Sea / The Power Of The Miniature / Textures And Rhythms: Ivor Fabok / A Complete Story: Paul Hopmeier / The Body Natural: Clara Hali - Peter Harris
Singapore - The Meeting Of Heaven And Earth: Sun Yu-Li - Ken Scarlett
Australia - The Birth Of A New Machine: Stelarc - Roger Taylor
The Philippines - Through Glass Lightly: Ramon Orlina - Alice G. Guillermo
The United States - The Creation Of A Sculpture Park And Garden: Grounds For Sculpture - Brook Barrie
Hong Kong - Boxed In: Kacey Wong - Hilary Binks
CHINA FEATURE - Breaking With The Past / The Way Of Flesh And Bone: Qin Ga / The Life Of The Spirit: Yu Fan / Ballooning Confidence: Yu Gao - Val Wong
Reviews - Australia, Canada, the Philippines, Singapore, and the United States.
  Volume 6 Number 3 SUMMER 2000
Australia - Autobiography In Sculpture: Peter Cole - Roger Taylor
Indonesia - An Integration Of Cultures: Pintor Sirait - Ian Findlay
New Zealand - Exploring Extremities: Geoff Dixon - Cassandra Fusco
Canada: VANCOUVER FEATURE - From Artifact To Fine Art / Sculpture In A Traveling World: Vancouver International Airport - Paula Gustafson
New Zealand - Respecting The Earth: Chris Booth - Ken Scarlett
Australia - An Accident Of Found Objects: Jim Croke - Peter Harris
The United States/Vietnam - In The World Of Chance: Hoang Vu - Bradford Edwards
India/Australia - A Focus On Tradition: Bastar tribes of Madhya Pradesh, India - Peter Harris
Reviews - Australia, Canada, Singapore, and the United States.
  Volume 6 Number 4 AUTUMN 2000
The Philippines - Images Of The Sacred: Jose Dudley Diaz - Alice G. Guillermo
The United States - Secrecy And Institutional Power: Michael Aurbach - Glen R. Brown
Australia - A Sense Of The Complete: Nigel Harrison - Peter Harris
Vietnam - Widening The Vision: Le Thua Tien - Bradford Edwards
England/Canada - Larger Than Life: Sophie Ryder - Paula Gustafson
India - Notions Of Voyeurism: Kausik Mukhopadhyay - Anupa Mehta
Canada - The Freedom To Dream: Mattiusi.Iyaituk - Paula Gustafson
The Netherlands - Dissecting Reality: Lisa Holden - Robert Preece
Reviews - Australia, Canada, China, New Zealand, the Philippines, Singapore, and the United States.

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