VOLUME 7 - 2001

  Volume 7 Number 1 WINTER 2001
The Philippines - Celebrating Nature, Intimating Spirit: Junyee - Alice G. Gullermo
New Zealand - An Archaeology Of Time And Place: Bing Dawe - Cassandra Fusco
Singapore - One Year On: Sculpture - Sian E. Jay
Singapore/Malaysia - Pushing Limits: trans[formations] - Sian E. Jay
Singapore/Malaysia - A Journey To The Present: Yau Bee - Sian E. Jay
Australia - A View Of Randomness: Domenico de Clario - Roger Taylor
The United States - An Ambiguous Space, Sculptors' drawing - Kathleen Whitney
Reviews - Australia, Canada, China, Japan, Singapore, Taiwan, and the United States.
  Volume 7 Number 2 SPRING 2001
Benin - Out Of Benin - Gerald Houghton
New Zealand - From The Soul Of Stone: Gavin Hitchings - Cassandra Fusco
The Philippines - Myths Of Creation And Destruction: Agnes Arellano - Alice G. Guillermo
Australia - Between Intention And Realization: Access Sculpture - Peter Harris
Taiwan - Figures In The Landscape: Ju Ming - Ian Findlay
The United States - Articulating Consciousness: Nan Smith - Glen R. Brown
Singapore - Small Boxes, Powerful Voices: Women Beyond - Sian E. Jay
Australia - Old Landscape, New Garden: Sculpture at Seawinds - Ken Scarlett
Australia - The Curator's Eye - Ken Scarlett
Reviews - Australia, Hong Kong, Japan, New Zealand, Thailand, and the United States.
  Volume 7 Number 3 SUMMER 2001
The United States - Going Natural - Kathleen Whitney
Australia - The Unnerving Journey - Ken Scarlett
The United States/Japan - Shifts In Perspective - Glen R. Brown
Australia - Maker Of The Monolith - Peter Harris
The Philippines - The Mathematics Of Sculpture - Alice G. Guillermo
Italy - For The Love Of Glass - Silvio Vigliaturo - Hilary Binks
New Zealand/Japan - Embracing Simolicity - Cassandra Fusco
Australia - In Praise Of The Natural World - Roger Taylor
Australia - The Challenge Of The Monumental - Ian Finndlay
Reviews - Australia, Hong Kong, India, Taiwan, and Thailand
Cover: Geoffrey Bartlett, Flightless 3.20 1996 lead, copper, jaraah wood, oregon wood 120 x 65 x 40 cm
  Volume 7 Number 4 AUTUMN 2001
Lithuania - A Home For The Vilified: Grutas Park - Adam B. Ellick
Australia - Six Sculptors / A Fourth Dimension: Clifford Frith - Roger Taylor / Poetry In Material And Structure:
Richard Goodwin - Peter Harris/ Catalogue Of A Life: Linde Ivimey - Roger Taylor / Song Of The Invisible Anarchist: Anne Ferguson - Peter Harris / A Singular Diversity: Robert Klippel - Peter Harris/ Meditations On Mortality: Frederick White - Roger Taylor
The United States - Essential Dialogue: Jun Kaneko - Glen R. Brown
The United States - Space Sculptor Of Urban Air Garments: Janet Echelman - Joan Lebold Cohen
Reviews - Australia, Hong Kong, New Zealand, Singapore, Thailand, the United States, and Vietnam.
Cover: Clifford Frith, Split Second, 1993, neon, steel granite, 33 x 52 x 115 cm. Photograph: Courtesy of Gallery 101, Melbourne.

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