VOLUME 8 - 2002

  Volume 8 Number 1 WINTER 2002
Hong Kong/The United States - From Tradition And The Natural World: Cheung Yee - Ian Findlay
The United States/Japan - Unraveling Female Anatomy: Yoshiko Kanai - Steven Pettifor
Canada - Urban Sculptures: Montreal's Artefact 2001 - Paula Gustafson
Italy/Taiwan - In Praise Of The Monumental: Cynthia Sah And Nicolas Bertoux - Ian Findlay
New Zealand/China - Communication And Celebration: John Beven Ford at Changchun International Sculpture Symposium - Cassandra Fusco
China - A Park In The Making: Changchun Sculpture Park - Cassandra Fusco
The United States - Out Of Chaos: Robert Reynolds - Craig Stevens
Reviews - England, Hong Kong, Japan, Thailand, and the United States.
Cover: Cheung Yee, Crab, bronze, height 62cm. Photograph: Courtesy of iPreciation Gallery, Singapore.
  Volume 8 Number 2 SPRING 2002
The United States - The Vision Of Gary Mayers - Ian Findlay
Australia - Tales Told, Secrets Revealed: The Helen Lempriere National Sculpture Award - Roger Taylor
Hong Kong/Switzerland - In Search Of The Absolute: Alberto Giacometti - Hilary Binks
Singapore - Thoughts On Carving Stone: Han Sai Por - T.K. Sabapathy
New Zealand - An Ethereal World: Philip Murray - Cassandra Fusco
Thailand - Of Hope And Despair: Manop Suwanpinta - Steven Pettifor
Reviews - Australia, Hong Kong, Japan, Singapore, and the United States.
Books/New Zealand
1. "Len Lye, A Biography" by Roger Horrocks: published by Auckland University Press, Auckland. Rrp NZ$49.95
2. "Contemporary New Zealand Sculpture, Themes And Issues" by Priscilla Pitts; published by David Bateman Ltd., Auckland. Rrp NZ$59.95
3. "The Concise Dictionary Of New Zealand Artists: Painters, Printmakers, Sculptors" by Kate McGahey; published by Gilt Edge Publishing, Lower Hutt, Wellington, Rrp NZ$34.95
4. "The Arts & Crafts Movement In New Zealand 1870-1940" by Ann Calhoun; published by Auckland University Press, Auckland. Rrp NZ$89.95
Cover: Gary Mayers, Windsong, 1985, oak and copper, 23 x 23 x 7 inches. Photograph: Courtesy of the Artist.
  Volume 8 Number 3 SUMMER 2002
New Zealand - Artist As Archaeologist: Stephen Mulqueen - Cassandra Fusco
The United States - The Irony Of Eden: Walter McConnell - Glen R Brown
New Zealand - Thinking Twice About Future Values: The Use Of Recycled Materials - Cassandra Fusco
The Netherlands/England - The Luck Of The Dice: Jacqueline Pennell - Robert Preece
New Zealand - A Gathering Of Memories: Carole Shepheard - Cassandra Fusco
Australia - The Dynamic Of The Vessel: Stephen Benwell - Rober Taylor
Singapore - The Sculpture Of Tan Teng Kee - T.K. Sabapathy
Reviews - Australia, Japan, New Zealand, and the United States.
Cover: Walter McConnell, Itinerant Edens, 2002, moist clay in plastic enclosure plywood, polystyrene, light, 75 x 58 x 144" (large); 34 x 28 x 72" (small).
  Volume 8 Number 4 AUTUMN 2002
Australia - An Image And Issues: John Kelly - Roger Taylor
The Philippines - The Art Of Musical Assemblage; Lirio Salvador - Alice G. Guillermo
Australia - Time And Sculpture: Hilarie Mais - Melanie Eastburn
Vietnam - A Celebration Of Differences: Hue International Sculpture Symposium - Suzanne Lecht
China - Rich Dynastic Cultures: War and Peace - Treasures of the Qin and Han Dynasties exhibition - Jao Nanfeng
Vietnam - Flowing Out Of Nature: Tran Hoang - Ian Findlay
Reviews - Australia, Hong Kong, Singapore, and the United States.
Book Review - "Deaf Artists In America: Colonial to Contemporary" by Deborah M. Sonnenstrahl, published by Dawn Sign Press, San Diego, California, USA. ISBN: 1-58121-050-7.
Cover: Hilarie Mais, Shiver, 2000, oil on wood, 208 x 208 x 4 cm. Private Collection, Sydney. Courtesy of the Artist and Sherman Galleries.

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