VOLUME 9 - 2003

  Volume 9 Number 1 WINTER 2003
Australia - In the Manner of Grace: Bert Flugelman - Roger Taylor
Japan - The Construction Sites of Asian Art - Joel David Robinson
Australia - The Call of the Coast - Sydney's annual exhibition Sculpture by the Sea - Ian Howard
The United States - Contemplating the Spiritual: Five artists of the Contemplations on the Spiritual - Glen R. Brown
Reviews - Hong Kong, Japan, Singapore, Thailand, and the United States
Books - CHRIS BOOTH: Sculpture in Europe, Australia and New Zealand, contributions by Edward Lucie-Smith, Ken Scarlett, and Gregory O'Brien, published by Random House, New Zealand / HORIZON: GREG JOHNS. Sculptures 1977 - 2002 by Author John Neylon, published by Macmillan Publishers, Australia / ROBERT KLIPPEL by curator/author Deborah Edwards, published by Art Gallery of New South Wales, Australia - Ken Scarlett
  Volume 9 Number 2 SPRING 2003
Thailand - A Legacy of Memories: Jakapan Vilasineekul - Steven Pettifor
Singapore - Shattering Boundaries: Subverted Boundaries exhibition - Michelle Lim
The Philippines/Australia - Mapping Bamboo Journeys: Tony Twigg - Gina Fairley
China - Sculpture in Paradise: the First Guilin Yuzi Paradise International Sculpture Awards
Reviews - Finland, Hong Kong, Singapore, Thailand, and the United States
  Volume 9 Number 3 SUMMER 2003
The United States - Sculptural Dialectic: Elizabeth Strong-Cuevas - Donald Kuspit
The Philippines - An Odyssey of Objects: Juan Alfredo Aquilizan and Maria Isabel Gaudinez-Aquilizan - Alice G. Guillermo
The United States - A Reverence for the Ideal: Oded Halahmy - Priya Malhotra
Taiwan - A Fusion of Art And Science: Nankang Software Park - Maggie Pai
The Philippines - Bamboo in the Sea Wind: First Bagasbas International Eco-Arts - Alice G. Guillermo
Reviews - Australia, Indonesia, Macau, Singapore, and Thailand
  Volume 9 Number 4 AUTUMN 2003
Australia - A Sculptor of Memory: Vincas Jomantas - Ken Scarlett
The United States - Critical Hybridity: Tony Hepburn - Glen R. Brown
China - A Feast of Sculpture: World Sculpture Park and the International Sculpture Conference, Changchun - Ken Scarlett
Taiwan - Sculpture at Peace: Li Chen - Priya Malhotra
Britain - Modes of Self-Consciousness: Peter Bevan - Glen R. Brown
Reviews - Indonesia, Singapore, Thailand, and the United States
Books - Rhythms of Life: The Art Of Andrew Rogers by Ken Scarlett, Macmillan Art Publishing, Melbourne, Australia, 2003

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