VOLUME 10 - 2004

  Volume 10 Number 1 WINTER 2004
New Zealand - Of Time and the Oceans: Graham Bennett - Cassandra Fusco
Australia - The Silence of The Studio: Pam Wragg - Roger Taylor
Australia - Extended Possibilities: David Jensz - Km Mahood
Indonesia - The Nature of Choice: Iriantine Karnaya - Ian Findlay
The Philippines - The Landscape of Memory: Roberto Robles - Lisa Carino Ito
Reviews - China, Hong Kong, Indonesia, and Vietnam
  Volume 10 Number 2 SPRING 2004
The Philippines - Reaching Skyward: Imelda Pilapil - Alice G. Guillermo
Australia - Exploring the Hidden: glass artists Colin Heaney, Erika Mayer, and Noel Hart - Jonathan Thomson
Indonesia - Notes on Contemporary Indonesian Sculpture - Asikin Hasan
Indonesia - A Unity Through Sculpture: Redy Rahadian - Ian Findlay
Hong Kong - Public Face - Private Emotions: Recent Public Sculpture Competitions - Jonathan Thomson
Austria/China - In The Realm Of The Past: Jiang Shuo - Ian Findlay
Reviews - Hong Kong, Singapore, and the United States
  Volume 10 Number 3 SUMMER 2004
Taiwan - In Praise Of Living: Ju Ming - Ian Findlay
New Zealand - In Black and White: Suter Te Aratoi o Whakatu ceramics exhibition, The Black and White Banquet - Cassandra Fusco
Hong Kong - Revealing the Face of Home: Art in Station with Lucia Nga Yin Cheung - Jonathan Thomson
The Philippines - Sacred Sculptures of the Ifugao: Bululs - Dr. Joaquin G. Palencia
Italy- A Celebration of the Three-Dimensional: OPENASIA 2OO4 - Chang Tsong-zung
Reviews - China, Hong Kong, Indonesia, and the United States
Books - Constance DeJong metal by Arden Reed, University of New Mexico Press, Albuquerque, USA, 2003
  Volume 10 Number 4 AUTUMN 2004
Thailand - A Sculptural Home: Bangkok Sculpture Center - Steven Pettifor
The United States - Aesthetics Of Hypotheses: Judy Moonelis - Glen R. Brown
New Zealand - Sculpture In An Aqueous Garden: Geoff Dixon's work at Vicki and Frank Boffa residence in Waikanae - Cassandra Fusco
Hong Kong - Voices From Wood: Hong Kong wood sculpture - Jonathan Thomson
Australia Feature
- The Passion Of Challenge: Mary Lou Pavlovic - Ian Findlay
- A Very Human Journey: Jon Eiseman - Ian Findlay
- The Scent Of Light: Kirstie Rea - Anne Sanders
- In Solitude: Rick Amor
- Dreaming A Home: Karen Ward
Life's Rhythms: Andrew Rogers - Andrew Rogers
Reviews - Hong Kong, Indonesia, Thailand, and the United States

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