VOLUME 11 - 2005

  Volume 11 Number 1 WINTER 2005
Columbia/Singapore - Monumental Volumes: Fernando Botero - Parvathi Nayar
The Philippines - Shrouded Women: Julie Lluch - Ana P. Labrador
Australia - The Face of It: Clive Murray-White
The United States - The Versatility of Vision: Richard Zawitz - Jonathan Thomson
Singapore - Protecting Sculpture - Dr. Robert Faltermeier
Hong Kong - Dreams and Whispers: Adriana Korkos - Ian Findlay
Reviews - China, the Philippines, Taiwan, Vietnam, and the United States
Books - Anthony Caro: Quest for the New Sculpture by Ian Barker, Lund Humphries, UK
  Volume 11 Number 2 SPRING 2005
Australia - On the Wings of an Eagle: Les Kossatz - Carolilne Field
Australia - The Many Faces of Glass: Australian glass artists - Jonathan Thomson
The Philippines -A Cosmos Bursting with Life: Duddley Diaz - Alice G. Guillermo
New Zealand - Public Pieces: Neil Dawson - Cassandra Fusco
Australia - Pushing Limits: Andrew Rogers - Ian Findlay
India - A Maze of Bodies: K. S. Radhakrishna - Uma Prakash
Singapore - Antique Bronze: Confirming the Genuine - Dr. Robert Faltermeier
Reviews - Hong Kong, Japan, Singapore, and the United States
Books - Australian Glass Today by Margot Osborne, with contributions by Grace Cochrane, Geoffrey Edwards, Susanne Frantz, and Richard Whiteley
  Volume 11 Number 3 SUMMER 2005
Australia- Evolution and Eternity: Ricky Swallow - Jonathan Thomson
Thailand - Ceramic Narratives: Vipoo Srivilasa - Steven Pettifor
Malaysia - Architecture Defining Sculpture: Abdul Multhalib Musa - Gina Fairley
New Zealand- Intense Obscurity: The anonymous art collective et al - Jonathan Thomson
Hong Kong - Patterns of Time: Fiona Wong Lai Ching - Ian Findlay
Reviews - China, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Israel, New Zealand, Thailand, and the United States
  Volume 11 Number 4 AUTUMN 2005
Spain - The Infinite in Finitude: Xavier Toubes - Glen R. Brown
Taiwan - Spiritual Space: Li Chen - Ian Findlay
Israel - From the Past to the Future: Kibbutz-born artists - Gil Golfine
The Philippines - Realizing Hybridity: Joaquin Palencia - Reuben Ramas Canete
Italy - Embracing Environments: Cynthia Sah and Nicolas Bertoux - Robert C. Watson
Hong Kong - The Tao of Two: Man Fung Yi and Mok Yat San - Jonathan Thomson
Singapore - Conservation and Restoration of Artworks and Copyright - Dr. Robert Faltermeier
Reviews - China, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Macau, Thailand, and the United States

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