VOLUME 13 - 2007

  Volume 13 Number 1 WINTER 2007
New Zealand - Constructions of Concern: Peter Nicholls - Cassandra Fusco
India - A Marrige of Ancient and Pop: Dhruva Mistry - Uma Prakash
Thailand - Sculpture of the Spirit: Haritorn Akarapat - Steven Pettifor
The United States - A Personal Mythology: Tony Wong - Ian Findlay
The Philippines - In Search of Form: Eduardo Castrillo - Jeannie E. Javelosa
Reviews - China, Germany Hong Kong, Israel, and Thailand
  Volume 13 Number 2 SPRING 2007
New Zealand - Gentle Geometries: Rick Swain - Cassandra Fusco
Israel - Transcendal to the Core: Eli Gur Arie - Gil Goldfine
Australia - Ecology and Abstraction: Dan Wollmering - John Gregory
China - Ten Chinese Sculptors - Jonathan Thomson
Australia - Collaborative Identities: Writing A Painting exhibition - Christine Nicholls
India - The Surreality of Identity: Shanthi Swaroopini - Uma Prakash
Reviews - Australia, Hong Kong, India, Singapore, and Thailand
  Volume 13 Number 3 SUMMER 2007
India - From Global to Local: Subodh Gupta - Uma Prakash
Israel - The Space Between: at the Petach Tikva Museum of Art - Gil Goldfine
Thailand - Contemporary Buddhist Sculpture: at the National Gallery of Thailand - Jonathan Thomson
Germany - Unashamedly Eurocentric: The 2007 Munster Skulptur Projecte - John Clark
Australia - Contested Spaces: Adelaide's public sculpture - Christine Nicholls
The Philippines - The Great Art Piano Project: Alwin Reamillo - Alice G. Guillermo
Reviews - Australia, Indonesia, and Thailand.
  Volume 13 Number 4 AUTUMN 2007
Taiwan - Of Immortals and Icons: Yang Mao-lin - Ian Findlay
Cambodia - Speaking to the Past and the Present: Sopheap Pich - Steven Pettifor
Australia - An Illuminated Art: Robert Brodgewater - Christine Nicholls
Israel - A Big Appetite for Public Art: Sculptures in Tel Aviv - Gil Goldfine
The Philippines - The Stealth of Disaster: Joaquin Palancia - Patrick D. Flores
Australia - An Authentic Hybrid: John Hayward - Christine Nicholls
Reviews - Australia, India, Israel, The Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, and Turkey

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