VOLUME 14 - 2008

  Volume 14 Number 1 WINTER 2008
Australia - A Battle Won: Indigenous Australian art exhibition at the National Gallery - Christine Nicholls
Israel - All Boys to the Head of the Class: BoysCraft exhibition - Gil Goldfine
Malaysia - Camouflaged Feminism: Umibaizurah Mahir - Gina Fairley
Thailand - Imprisoned in Time: Watchara Prayoonkum - Steven Pettifor
India - Marginalized Voices: Sheba Chhachhi - Uma Prakash
Reviews - Australia, India, Indonesia, the Philippines, and Thailand
  Volume 14 Number 2 SPRING 2008
Taiwan - In Praise of the Human Spirit: Lee Kuang-Yu - Ian Findlay
Australia - Forms into New Bodies: Leo Neuhofer - Christine Nicholls
The Philippines - Fusing Art and Archaeology in Glass: Noell El Farol - Alice G. Guillarmo
Pakistan/England - The Soul of a Minimalist: Rasheed Araeen - Osman Jamal
New Zealand - The Sensuality of Form and Flow: Philip Price - Cassandra Fusco
Australia - Seductive Visuals for the Intellect: Fiona Hall - Gina Fairley
Reviews - Australia, England, Holland, Hong Kong, and Thailand
  Volume 14 Number 3 SUMMER 2008
China - Spirit of the Past Promise of the Future: Shi Jindian - Jonathan Thomson
Australia - Enigmatic Vessels: Graham and Tanija Carr - Dorothy Erickson
India - A Passionate Stillness: Dimpy Menon - Uma Prakash
The Philippines - A Street of Sharp Contrasts: Living on Loring (Art for Social Change): Romina Diaz and Ann Wizer - Alice G. Guillermo
China - Liao Yibai and Luo Zhenhong - Ian Findlay
China - Site of Memory: The Nanjing Massacre Memorial Hall - Patrick Lawrence
Australia - Fashioning an Identity: Indigenous Australian jewellery - Christine Nicholls
Reviews - Australia, England, Hong Kong, Israel, the Philippines, Singapore, and Thailand
  Volume 14 Number 4 AUTUMN 2008
Switzerland/Australia - Treasures of the Spirit: The Burkhardt-Felder Foundation Indigenous Australian Art Collection - Christine Nicholls
England - Processing Multiples: David Mach - Kate Bryan
Israel - A Tightrope Between Art and Commerce: David Gerstein - Gil Goldfine
Australia - Beyond Stereotypes: Mai Long - Gina Fairley
Thailand - The Drama of Animals: Peter Woytuk - Steven Pettifor
Reviews - Australia, China, Hong Kong, Israel, Italy, Singapore, and Thailand

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