VOLUME 15 - 2009

  Volume 15 Number 1 WINTER 2009
Taiwan - A Minimalist Force: Huang Ming-Che - Ian Findlay
Hong Kong - New Encounters: Looking for Antonio Mak exhibition - Jonathan Thomson
Bangladesh - From the Popular to the Reverential: Hamiduzzaman Khan - Osman Jamal
India - The Undaunted Spirit: Himmat Shah - Uma Prakash
Australia - Four Hands Fusing: Trades exhibition - Christine Nicholls
Reviews - Australia, Hong Kong, India, and Thailand
  Volume 16 Number 2 SPRING 2009
Israel - Battling Windmills: Igael Tumarkin - Gil Goldfine
Australia - Horny Sticks and Whispering Lines: Ian Gentle - Gina Fairley
The United Arab Emirates - Poetic Assemblages: Hassan Sharif - Ian Findlay
New Zealand - An Engagement with Place: Sculpture on the Gulf - Robin Woodward
Australia - Sun, Sand, Surf, Sculpture: Adelaide Airport Brighton Jetty Classic Sculptures by the Sea - Christine Nicholls
Japan - A Chair Is a Chair Is a Mystery: Gakushi Yamamoto - Lucy Birmingham
Reviews - Australia, England, Hong Kong, India, Singapore, the United Arab Emirates
  Volume 16 Number 3 SUMMER 2009
New Zealand - The Light, The Dark, The Land: Kristin O'sullivan Peren - Cassandra Fusco
The United States/Hong Kong - Form, Color, Space: Aries Lee - Ian Findlay
Lithuania/Japan - The Real And Fantastic: Yayoi Kusama, Paramodel and Go Watanabe - Christine Nicholls
Thailand - A Precarious World: Tawatchai Puntusawasdi - Steven Pettifor
Australia - The Body Beautiful: The Decorated Body: Indigenous Australian Bodily Adornment and Bodily Modification Pracitices - Judy Morris
New Zealand - Textures And Contrasts: Chris Charteris - Rebecca Hamid
Reviews - Australia, England, Hong Kong, Israel, Thailand, the United Arab Emirates, and the United States
  Volume 16 Number 4 AUTUMN 2009
Turkey - Becoming Universal: Omer Uluc - Robert C. Morgan
Scotland/Hong Kong - Deconstructing Landscape: Kirsteen Pieterse - Kate Bryan
Australia - Speaking Through Hands: Craftsouth's Wish List 2009 exhibition - Christine Nicholls
Hong Kong - Fluid Moments: Danny Lee Chin-fai - Ian Findlay
New Zealand - Holding the Dark: Katharina Jaeger - Felicity Milburn
The Philippines - Women Beyond Stereotypes: Daniel de la Cruz - Alice G. Guillermo
New Zealand - Optimisms And Cautions: Joanna Langford - Cassandra Fusco
Thailand - Nature And Death: Chaiwat Kudapun and Surachai Chookorn - Steven Pettifor
Reviews - Australia, England, Hong Kong, India, Israel, Italy, Japan, Malaysia, Thailand, the United Arab Emirates, and the United States

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