VOLUME 16 - 2010

  Volume 16 Number 1 WINTER 2010
Japan - An Alternate World: Konoike Tomoko - Christine Nicholls
Thailand - Symbolic of all Humankind: Kamin Lertchaiprasert - Jonathan Thomson
Israel - Searching for the Visionary: Alexander Archipenko - Gil Goldfine
New Zealand - The Reflective Mind: Cynthia van de Loo - Cassandra Fusco
India - Beyond Reality: Sunil Gawde - Uma Prakash
Singapore - Sculpture in the City: Art in the City show - Ian Findlay
United States - Sculpture in New York - Robert C. Morgan
Reviews - Australia, China, England, Hong Kong, India, the Philippines, Taiwan, Thailand and the United States
  Volume 16 Number 2 SPRING 2010
Australia/Japan - Resculpting the Past: Tatzu Nishi - Christine Nicholls
New Zealand - Explore And Discover: Terry Stringer - Robin Woodward
Israel/France - Degas Treasures Unveiled: The Degas Sculpture Project - Gil Goldfine
Vanuatu - Speaking Across Time: Mague sculptures - Christine Nicholls
Singapore/Korea - Of Tongue, Tree, And the Transience of Life: Sunsook Roh - Ian Findlay
India - Reaching for The Spiritual: Kishore Charkraborty - Uma Prakash
The United Arab Emirates - A Public Sculpture Milestone: The Abu Dhabi International Sculpture Symposium 2010 - Jonathan Thomson
Reviews - Australia, Bangladesh, England, Hong Kong, and the United States
Obituaries - Ian Gentle (Australia) - Gina Fairley and Vu Dan Tan (Vietnam) - Bradford Edwards
  Volume 16 Number 3 SUMMER 2010
The United States - The Bread of Industry: Adrienne Outlaw - Dorothy Joiner
Australia - The River of Life: Marijana Tadić - Christine Nicholls
Korea/The United States - Deconstruction of Minimal Art: Lee Mae Ri - Robert C. Morgan
The Philippines - A Garden of Spirit And Life: Allison Wong David - Ian Findlay
The United States - Sculpture in New York: The Problem of Content: Robert C. Morgan
Reviews - Australia, Israel, Italy, the Philippines, and the United States
  Volume 16 Number 4 AUTUMNR 2010
The United Kingdom - Fabulous Visions of Bodies Changed: Annie Cattrell - Marius Kwint
Israel - Zany * Sardonic * Magical: Philip Rantzer - Gil Goldfine
Bangladesh - A Meditation: Ivy Zaman - Osman Jamal
The United States/Hong Kong - Capturing Balance: Will Clift - Ian Findlay
Australia - Down by The Sea: The Adelaide Airport Brighton Jetty Classic Sculptures - Christine Nicholls
Reviews - Australia, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Thailand, and the United States

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