VOLUME 17 - 2011

  Volume 17 Number 1 WINTER 2011
Australia - A Sculptor For The Australian Environment: Peter Carrigy - Christine Nicholls
Hong Kong - Adriana Korkos at Ocean Park: Adriana Korkos - Jonathan Thomson
China/India - A Coming Together: The West Heavens Project exhibition, Place Time Play: India China Contemporary Art - Jonathan Thomson
England - A Sculptor of Wisdom: David Nash - Marius Kwint
Reviews - China, England, Hong Kong, India, Israel, Singapore, the United States, and Vietnam
  Volume 17 Number 2 SPRING 2011
Israel - Paradox And Sincerity: Sigal Primor - Gil Goldfine
The United States - Sculpture And the Renewal of Light: Ludvic - Robert C. Morgan
Australia - A Journey of the Spirit: Kris Coad - Damian Smith
Italy/Hong Kong - At the Edge of Antiquity: Oriano Galloni - Ian Findlay
Australia - The Body Adorned: Jewelry and bodily adornment - Christine Nicholls
Reviews - Australia, China, England, Thailand, the United States
  Volume 17 Number 3 SUMMER 2011
The United States - A Singular Vision: Duane Paxson - Dorothy Joiner
Israel - Beyond Surface: Micha Ullman - Gil Goldfine
Vietnam - The Construction of Memory And Its Erasure: Dinh Q. Lê - Gina Fairley
Mongolia/Hong Kong - A Changing Dynamic: The installations by Mongolian artists at Hanart Square - Ian Findlay
Italy - A Dialogue in Art: Venice Biennale - Sandy Caldow
Hong Kong - Sculpture Statements: Sculptural Dimension exhibition of works by seven Hong Kong sculptors - Ian Findlay
Hong Kong - The Personal Touch: Kevin Fung - Ian Findlay
Reviews - Australia, China, Hong Kong, the Philippines, and the United States
  Volume 17 Number 4 AUTUMNR 2011
Australia - The Air of History: Inge King - Sandy Caldow
Indonesia - The Art of a Spiritual Journey: Tommy Tanggara - Ian Findlay
England - Reaching For Purity: Richard Deacon - Jonathan Thomson
The Philippines - Unconventional Sentimentality: Christina Quisumbing Ramilo - Gina Fairley
Finland/The United States - A Boundless Vision: William Dennisuk - Dorothy Joiner
Reviews - Australia, Hong Kong, Italy, and the United States

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