VOLUME 20 - 2014

  Volume 20 Number 1 WINTER 2014
The United States - Social Bodies And Lively Minds: Chris Burden and Mike Kelley - Robert C. Morgan
England - The Legacy of Psychedelia: Reflections from Damaged Life: An Exnibition on Psychedelia - Joel Robinson
Australia - Tiny Worlds, Powerful Narratives: Miniature exhibition at Pembroke School's Parents and Friends Gallery in Adelaide - Christine Nicholls
New Zealand - Changing the Global Gaze: Graham Bennett - Sally Blundell
Bangladesh - A Hybrid Model: The second Dhaka Art Summit - Uma Prakash
Japan - The Poetry of Rebirth: Mariko Mori - Robert C. Morgan
Reviews - Australia, England, Hong Kong, India, Israel, Singapore, and the United States
  Volume 20 Number 2 SPRING 2014
Israel/Poland - Of Body and Soul: Alina Szapocznikow - Gil Goldfine
The United States - A Mythic Saga in Glass and Steel: Richard Jolley - Robert Morgan
Australia - The Art of Open Air: Heysen Sculpture Biennial - Christine Nicholls
Hong Kong - Porcelain Power: Fiona Wong Lai Ching - Ian Findla
India - The Absurdity of It All: L.N. Tallur - Uma Prakash
The Philippines - The Sacred Feminine : Agnes Arellano - Patricia Tumang
Review - Australia, England, Hong Kong, Israel, and the United States
  Volume 20 Number 3 SUMMER 2014
The United States - Artist as Comedian: Christopher Saucedo - Dorothy Joiner
Mongolia - Beyond Emotion into the Spirit: Munkhtsetseg Jalkhaajav (Mugi) - Ian Findlay
The Philippines - Singular Encounters: Leeroy New - Patricia Tumang
Australia - A Sculptor's Voice Across Time: Inge King - Sandy Caldow
China - Crossing Boundaries: Cang Xin - Ian Findlay
Reviews - Australia, Hong Kong, Israel, and the Philippines
  Volume 20 Number 4 AUTUMN 2014
Taiwan - In Light And Dark: Li Chen - Ian Findlay
Japan - Shared Awareness: Mariyo Yagi - Robert C. Morgan
England - Appearances Are Deceptive: Gavin Turk - Jonathan Thomson
Mongolia - Touch The Blue Sky: Land Art Mongolia - Brian Holmes
Indonesia - In The Realm Of Movement: Edwin Rahardjo - Ian Findlay
Thailand - Community Engagement: Wasinburee Supanichvoraparch - Steven Pettifor
Reviews - Hong Kong: Rick Swain at Koru Contemporary Art; Grace at Mur Nomade; India: Megha Joshi at Art Konsult; Israel: Siona Shimshi, Public Space Installation at Azorei Chen; the Philippines: Christina Quisumbing Ramilo at Artinformal; Gaston Damag at the Jorge B. Vargas Museum; Thailand: Monologue Dialogue 3 at the Bangkok Art & Culture Center, and the United States: Adrienne Outlaw at Whitespace Gallery

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